RGW Private Online Class (Closed Beta)

  • $100.00

Coming in 2020!

Hey guys! It's Robert Gardner with the Reboot Insider's Club, many of you have suggested that the Reboot Insider's Club isn't hands on enough. However, as we all know, massage therapist are broke. Many of our members express to me that they can't afford to attend one of my classes and they wished they could just study with me online like they would in the classroom setting. 

Well, I have been putting a lot of thought into how we can make this happen, however you are going to need to hear me out. If we are going to host a live interactive class online, where you study with me step by step in a virtual classroom over the internet, I am going to need you to understand the execution of this class. 

You will need to be equipped with the mat, table, and sheets that are present in the classroom setting. You will need a large screen television or monitor connected to the internet, either through smartv or computer. If you want to ask questions, you will need a microphone & if you want to be reviewed you will need a webcam. Now, we can't make this happen alone. We want to give everyone in the Reboot Insider's Club a chance to experience our pilot program. We are going to give Reboot Insider's Club Members a coupon code for free beta access. 

The coupon code will allow the Reboot Insider's Club Members into either our Secret Facebook Group or they will get access to the Reboot Insider's Club Patreon. There they will have access to watch the live class & participate. If they do not wish to participate, they will have access to the video on demand. Participation will ensure that they get the most value out of the program. 

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