• Cabo San Lucas Retreat Immersion
  • Cabo San Lucas Retreat Immersion

Cabo San Lucas Retreat Immersion

  • $1,500.00

Hello all potential students in Cabo San Lucas! I wanted to give you some basic info on what we'll be covering during our class.

10am-5pm each day/ hour break for lunch

February 22nd-26th of 2020

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Only 10 spots avaiable

Though I'm known for teaching Thai massage I wanted to break open the curriculum to something closer to what I've been trying to teach for years. I primarily focus on pain management and mobility and our 5 days of mat based class will reflect this. I will be showing techniques for:

tibialis anterior


biceps femoris


adductor magnus

deep lateral rotators


serratus anterior



pen minor

splenius capitis


Class fee is $1500 though in the future these retreats will likely go for $2000

While by no means limited to those what I'm teaching you is essentially the massage equivalent of MMA or mixed martial arts. I take pain to the mat and take it out. You'll learn to use your knees and feet in addition to joint mobilizations to address specific soft tissue conditions. Combining positional release with props and sustained compression can increase client body awareness and radically transform your practice adding a mat based service no one offers.

I look forward to tacos, smiling faces, bodywork and tequila with you in Cabo. #mexico

P.S. Class will be submitted to NCBTMB for 30 approved CEs <3

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