• Carpal Tunnel Relief - 6 CEs - NCBTMB Approved Online Course
  • Carpal Tunnel Relief - 6 CEs - NCBTMB Approved Online Course

Carpal Tunnel Relief - 6 CEs - NCBTMB Approved Online Course

  • $69.99

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Complete this course and receive 6 NCBTMB Home Study approved CE credits.

* Learn quick and easy carpal tunnel relief techniques.
* Take your techniques to another level.

If you want provide the best value to your clients by relieving chronic pain and extend your career then this is the way to go.

My name is Robert Gardner:

Veteran body worker with 17 years of experience in chronic pain management.

This is going to give you everything you need to enhance your massage routine for carpal tunnel issues.

What You Get...

* Create a plan to relieve pain.

*Discover exactly how to help specific cases and create marketable treatment plans for a specific carpal tunnel clients

* Use these techniques in less than 30 minutes

* Execute the techniques on your clients and YOURSELF!

* You'll become more flexible and functional in your work.


* When your learn how to manage carpal tunnel think about how good you'll feel when people start sending you loads of referrals because you solved an underlying issue affecting their lifestyle and performance. 

* When you learn great self-care techniques you’ll be able to stick to your craft longer!

And you have nothing to lose because you’ll Get CE CREDITS!!!! NCBTMB Approved!

Let's get started!

***Please keep in mind that since this class is hands on instruction that your state may not accept this for CE credit. Please check with your state or jurisdiction and make sure they accept NCBTMB approved homestudy courses.***

***TX does not allow my online courses for CE credit except Social Media Marketing for Massage Therapists. Hands on instruction is not allowed via online delivery per TX law. I apologize for this inconvenience but you can see every class I've delivered privately and in groups in our subscription service for $7/month.***

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