Free NCBTMB Approved Homestudy CE Classes

All the classes below are NCBTMB approved homestudy CEs.

Before you sign up ***Please keep in mind that since these classes teach hands on instruction that your state may not accept this for CE credit. Please check with your state or jurisdiction and make sure they accept NCBTMB approved homestudy courses.***

***TX does not allow my online courses for CE credit except Social Media Marketing for Massage Therapists. Hands on instruction is not allowed via online delivery per TX law. I apologize for this inconvenience but you can see every class I've delivered privately and in groups in our subscription service for $7/month.***

All of our classes are hosted on teachable. After you sign up you will be sent an email with login instructions. Go here to log into your course. Your certificate is automatically emailed to you after your quiz and you complete each section of the course. 

All courses listed here are Free but please join our CE subscription service. There are 600+ additional hours of instruction available to you for $7/month and your first month is free.